In earlier articles we discussed the power of your mind and how it is a major element in your ability to manifest anything you want Let us in this article discuss the mind, what it is, how it works and how better to understand the Power of the Mind.

The Mind

There is little doubt that the mind is a powerful tool. At one end of the spectrum it enables quantum physicists to contemplate the smallest, most fundamental particles forming the basis of all we see around us. While, at the other end, it enables us to consider the vastness of the Universe.

It is said that everything is created twice. Once in the mind (or the mind’s eye) and then physically built or created.

For example, if you had a dream house you would have a picture of the house in your mind and would then employ an architect to prepare the plans and have a builder build it for you. Alternatively, you might well have a picture of this house in your mind and then search to find this house already built.

This applies to whatever we want. We first have a picture in our mind of what we want and then ask the Universe to manifest it for us.

But this doesn’t tell us what the mind is or where it is.

Where is the mind?

I want you to pause for a moment and picture it. Close your eyes and conjure up a picture of the                                                                                                     Mind Picture

mind………………. What do you see?

The first time I did this I saw a picture of the brain and I am sure a lot of people would also have a picture of the brain in mind. Our brain is not our mind. The brain is a supercomputer that holds together and controls the quantum field that is the complex form of energy made up of molecules and subatomic particles in constant vibration. This is the form we interpret as ourselves, with our arms, legs, hair, shape etc. It is what we see in the mirror.

Although scientists have made advances, over the last 20 years or so, in our knowledge of the brain and how it works, they have not found out where the mind is located. Some say in the brain while others say in the heart. In fact, it does not have a physical form.

It is “the element of a person that enables them to be aware of the world and their experiences, to think, and to feel; the faculty of consciousness and thought. “

It is “a non – spatial extent located between the event where the properties of sensation end, and the event where the properties of feeling begin.”

It is clear the mind is some element within us that

• feels and experiences emotions

• thinks

• reasons

The Mind Does not occupy space and thus it does not have form. It is not physical, and we cannot see it –It is spiritual.

It is that the part of us that connects us to the Universe (Force), which is itself not physical but spiritual. We are spiritual creatures, temporarily manifested in this form at the moment of conception by the Universe to help it to realize its full potential by realizing our full potential.

What is the Mind?

The mind is a huge series of memories that are all connected, and which are based on our experiences of life and the information we have collected through our five senses throughout our lifetime. These memories are based on your thoughts, your feelings or emotions based on your interpretation of the circumstances arising at any given time based on whether they give us pleasure or pain, comfort or discomfort.

If this was not astonishing enough, quantum physicists have introduced the concept of quantum entanglement which briefly states that everything in the Universe is connected. Consequently, your mind has at its disposal all the knowledge in the Universe from the moment the Universe was created.

You just must tap into it.

How the Mind works

As discussed above, the mind is a huge reservoir of memories that are all connected. These are based on our life experiences and the information we have collected through our 5 senses over our lifetime. These memories are your thoughts, feelings or emotions.

These feelings in turn are based on our interpretation of the circumstances at any one given time and whether they make us feel pain or pleasure, comfort or discomfort.

Thoughts produce a biochemical response from the brain which alters the molecular structure of the field of energy that is us and hence alters the frequency at which the subatomic particles vibrate. The higher the frequency the more positive the outcomes (pleasure and/or comfort) and conversely the lower the frequency the more negative (pain and discomfort) the outcomes.

The mind may therefore be described as a frequency modulating machine.

Remember the formula:

Thoughts create feelings/emotions which in turn lead to actions which lead to outcomes

There are two parts to the mind. These are the conscious mind and the subconscious mind (sometimes referred to as the unconscious mind or inner mind).

The conscious mind accepts the stimuli from the 5 senses and filters the input, rejecting those it does not want to respond to and acting on those it wishes to act upon. Such thoughts, often in the form of pictures, it passes to the subconscious mind to take appropriate action.

The conscious mind is not present at birth but develops from the age of about 4 -5 years old.

The subconscious mind cannot reject anything and cannot judge whether the information is true or false, it simply acts on the thoughts it receives from the conscious mind. On the face of it, all we need to do is consciously raise the frequency of our vibrations to be able to manifest anything.

That would seem to be straightforward but unfortunately, as we will see in the next article, it is not so simple.


The Mind is that part of us that controls the energy field that is us. It is the element connecting us to the Universe or the Universal Force or Higher Power or God or whatever name we seek to attach to it. When we access this Power, we can manifest anything we desire.

It sounds simple. Alas it is not so as we will learn in the next article.


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