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During the earlier article, we discussed the core principle behind your ability to manifest anything. Namely, there is a Universal Energy (for the sake of simplicity in the future I shall refer to this as the Universe) which is intelligent, infinite, neutral creative and whose purpose is to realise its full potential. Although we appear to have form and substance, we are energy and are part of this force- the Universe.

andromeda nebula

The energy we emit comes from the vibrations of the fundamental particles at the heart of the complex molecular structure that makes up our form and appearance. We manifest anything we want by connecting with the Universe through our minds. We have thoughts which in turn create emotions which then lead to actions which take the form of increasing or decreasing the vibrations of our bodies which in turn raise or lower the frequency of the energy we emit.

The higher the frequency, the greater is our ability to manifest what we want whereas the lower the frequency the less likely we are to manifest anything positive in our lives.



There has been much hype about the Law of Attraction since the film “The Secret” was released and a lot of people have jumped on the bandwagon.  While there is truth in the Law it is important to realise that it is not a law in the scientific term.

A scientific law is one that theoretically predicts an outcome and then by controlled experiment proceeds to demonstrate the outcome predicted. The Law of Attraction has not yet been tested in this way.

The law at this moment is merely theory and speculation.

However, there is a large amount of anecdotal (or what a criminal investigator would call “circumstantial”) evidence that it does work. I remember it worked for my wife and I some 11 or 12 years ago. We needed cash in a few weeks time and I was not sure where this was to come from. I had started to research the Law of attraction and so I asked the Universal Force for help and guidance. A few days later my wife, out of the blue, suggested a course of action and we agreed to follow through. Within a couple of weeks, we received the few thousand pounds we needed.

So, I know from personal experience that it works. However, it does not work for me every time and I am sure there are several people who could say it does not work for them at all.

Stone Age Man and the Law of Gravity and Motion

You might wonder where stone age man fits into this picture

I like to think that our present knowledge of this subject is rather like the knowledge our primitive ancestors had of gravity. They knew that if they stepped off a cliff, they were likely to plummet to the ground below and end up in a mess, if not dead.

But they didn’t know why this happened.

cavemen huntingThey had spears so they understood that if you through something up in the air it eventually came back to earth and if they were lucky struck the game they were pursuing for food.

But they didn’t know why.

We know from primitive pictures they drew on cave walls they understood if they dug a pit and covered it up with branches or fonds and if they could lure a large animal to the pit so that it fell in, they would acquire a large amount of food for their tribe.

But they didn’t know why the animal fell to the bottom of the pit.

It wasn’t until 1686 when Isaac Newton presented to the Royal Society his findings and Laws of Gravity and Motion that this was recognised as a scientific law.

They knew about flints and sparks but did not why fire burns.   They did not understand the complex chemical processes involved.  It wasn’t until around 1790 that we understood the Laws of Thermal Dynamics                                                                                                                                                      cavemen and fire

You can, however, bet your bottom dollar that stone age man had a very strong belief that if he fell from a great height, he would do considerable damage to himself. You can also bet that he took great care when walking on cliffs etc.

You can also bet he was careful when playing with fire.

Well, wouldn’t ’you?

Our relationship with the law of attraction is in a better place than stone age man’s relationship with gravity.  as our knowledge is greater, but not yet complete.

It is my opinion that the law at this moment is merely theory and speculation, although there is a growing amount of evidence that it works.



Wallace D Wattle wrote a book that was first published in 1910 and which he entitled “The Science of Getting Rich”. In this book he asked people to take on faith what he was writing was true. I have a copy of this book and I refer to it from time to time. Not because it contains scientific truth but because it outlines a process by which you can engage with the Universe and manifest anything you want.

We discussed caveman above and in the same way he believed, he simply just knewthat he would fall off a high cliff, you must believe and simply know if you act in a “certain way” you will manifest anything.


I am concluding the article by asking you to consider the above carefully and believe that there is a Universe of energy that simply waits for your request to manifest anything you want.

Manifestation is a function of the mind and so the next article will try to explain in simple terms how the mind works.  After that we will look at the process of manifesting anything.

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